HR Builder

Build, Measure, and Scale your HR Workflow on demand

Simply use and pay for what you need. Save time with automation, and improve other aspects of your business with predictive analytics.

Build Your HR from Small Blocks.

Save money, only pay for what you use. If you need a new team member, start with hiring. Whether you want to onboard them later on, simply append it to hiring.

NoCode, only Drag-and-Drop

Personalise Employee Experience & Metrics

Get started quickly for any role with our template library and visual editor. Monitor key metrics such as satisfaction, performance and job specific OKRs in single click.

Templates for Any Role

Optimise Workflow & Minimise Risks

Your business keeps changing, so does your HR. Whether you need to be complied with new policy, or expand to new location, we ensure it happen seamlessly with our integrations.

Seamless Integrations

Improve Operation without Losing Personal Touch

We empower your team members to make decision so you can focus on growing your revenue.

Hiring & Employee Branding

Attract and nurture talents with beautiful branding pages and social feeds. Encourage them apply to your company because of your vision & people. Hire the best people with personalised workflow.

Job Offering & Onboarding

Paperless job offering with customised forms and contents. Personalised onboarding process with role specific metrics and buddy system.

Just In Time Feedback & Learning

Help your employee unlock when they get stucks. Upskill your employees in less time with micro-learning and peer assistance.

Build Your HR with No-code

10+ Templates
Choose from a library of pre-made templates designed with best HR practices
Content Library
Simple customisation by drag-and-drop contents to the template. Add your own videos, pictures, documents or any web pages.
Visual Editor
Edit and view content updated in real-time. Change how each template looks and feels in second.
Customised Workflow
Easily include members to a task or automate them based on trigger. Test workflow in real-time with simulations.
Seamless Integrations
Integrate with 100+ HR apps with Zapier. Email and Slack automation built-in.
Purposeful Communication
Just-in-time feedback when someone get stuck. Person to person catchup easy with reminder.
Role-based Metrics
Built-in metrics based on the roles. Just connect to the tools they use and we take care of data.
Cost effective, pick and choose what is relevant to your business.

Make an impact from day zero

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